North American Plant Phenotyping Network


Keynote Address
Xavier Sirault
Invited Talk Advancing Sensing Tools and Future of Phenomics
Sindu Sankaran
Lightning Talks
Mitch Tuinstra
Lightning Talks Genomes to Fields
Nathan Springer
Lightning Talks Field-Based Predictive Phenomics
Patrick S. Schnable
Lightning Talks UAS Hub
Jinha Jung/Juan Landivar
Lightning Talks Precision Field-Based Wheat Phenotyping Platforms
Carolina Saint Pierre
Lightning Talks Utilizing Hyperspectral Information for Monitoring Plant Status
John Couture
Lightning Talks The Critical Role of Phenotypic Data to Enhance Genetic Gains and Develop Climate-Smart Crops
Hugo Campos
Lightning Talks Graduate Training in Predictive Plant Phenomics (P3) at Iowa State University
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
Lightning Talks The Plant Imaging Consortium
Fiona Goggin
Lighting Talks Plant CV: Analysis Tools for High-Throughput Phenotyping
Malia Gehan
Lightning Talks NSF Big Data Hub: Digital Agriculture Spoke
Jennifer Clarke
Lightning Talks X-Ray Tuber Analysis for 3D Biomass Determination
Stefan Gerth
The Delta is the Fertile Ground Between Phenotyping Modeling and Forecasting
Keith Koutsky
Latin-America Plant Phenomic Network (LatPPN)
Gustavo Lobos Prats
Invited Talk Phenes, Pehnomes and Phenotyping
Jonathan Lynch, Penn State University
Proposed Research Thrusts Below-Ground Phenotyping
Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi,
Proposed Research Thrusts Abiotic & Biotic Stress
Argelia Lorence
Proposed Research Thrusts Understanding the Phenome Beyond Simple Genetics
Jonathan Lynch
Proposed Research Thrusts Value-Added Traits
Cliff Weil
Proposed Research Thrusts Data Acquisition II: Sensors, Systems and Vehicles
Melba Crawford
Proposed Research Thrusts Data Management I: Processing & Preparing, Algorithms, & Modeling
Noah Fahlgren
Proposed Research Thrusts Data Management II: Discovery and Reuse
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
Proposed Research Thrusts Data Acquisition I: Biological Features of Data Acquisition
Asheesh K Singh
Invited Talk Translating Experience from a Pre-Competitive Public-Private Drug Discovery Consortium to Plant Sciences
Aled Edwards
Funding Agency Panel
Joe Cornelius
Funding Agency Panel
Marc LePage
Funding Agency Panel
Diane Jofuku Okamuro
Funding Agency Panel Sao Paulo Research Foundation
Industry Panel
Invited Talk The Value of Plant Phenotyping Networks
Roland Pieruschka
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