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Host the North American Plant Phenotyping Network Meeting in 2022

The North American Plant Phenotyping Network (NAPPN) is establishing an annual phenotyping meeting with the aim of bringing together the North American plant phenotyping community - a unique blend of biologists, engineers, computer scientists and many allied disciplines that include the academic, industrial, and non-profit sectors - to share the latest scientific discoveries, news and information, and provide networking opportunities between researchers, users, granting agencies, platform operators and technological experts. This annual phenotyping meeting will also serve as the site for the annual NAPPN General Assembly meeting.

In 2022 the meeting is anticipated to be a hybrid of both on-site and virtual components, organized by a hosting group (of NAPPN members at the hosting facility) and the NAPPN Executive Board who will work together to develop the program, sponsorship, planning and organization.

We are requesting proposals from our membership for hosting this on-site/virtual meeting in early 2022.

Phenomics encompasses the integration of novel and untested technologies for cellular to whole-plant, community and ecosystem level measurements at high throughput, with extrapolation to or direct measurement under natural environmental conditions. Data that emerge from these approaches are unprecedented in their diversity, scale, and abundance, challenging the community to innovate and collaborate to address questions that push the limits of our current expertise and capabilities. To meet these challenges requires a dramatic broadening of the community’s expertise and interdisciplinarity, rapid devising and incorporation of new technologies, and appreciation for the accelerated rate of information exchange that will be required to enhance the competitiveness of the U.S. research enterprise in this field.

Key topic areas that will be covered by the meeting may include:

Organizing the Meeting

The meeting will be organized by a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) in cooperation with the NAPPN Executive Board. The LOC will provide technical and logistic support to plan and facilitate the meeting such as the organization of the online/networking and other technical services (for more details see questions below). A Scientific Committee composed of local, regional, and NAPPN members will coordinate the meeting program including session topics, speakers (invited and selected from abstracts), workshops, and session chairs. Additionally, sponsoring rules will need to be arranged together with the scientific committee and the NAPPN Executive Board. If the LOC plans to apply for conference support from a federal agency or other organization, the NAPPN Executive Board will assist with this process.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities (more detail can be found below in Appendix 1)

Scientific Committee: 

The Local Organizing Committee:

NAPPN Board:

Initial Review Process
The NAPPN Executive Board will review the responses to the below questions to ensure compliance with expectations and feasibility. For each proposal that passes initial review, the Board will solicit a presentation to be shared with NAPPN members.

The questions to be answered are:

Please review NAPPN's Code of Conduct. All submissions must agree to it's content.


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Appendix I:

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Scientific Committee:

The Local Organizing Committee:

NAPPN Board:

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