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Robotics Amy Tabb @AgRoboticsTC

The Agricultural Robotics and Automation (AgRA) is a technical committee within IEEE's Robotics and Automation Society. AgRA provides a forum for researchers and engineers to advance the state-of-the-art in agricultural robotics applied to a variety of agricultural automation problems, including phenotyping. AgRA hosts a monthly webinar series, which is open to the public (details on our webpage). Those interested in joining AgRA to receive our newsletter and webinar announcements, please email Amy Tabb at

The robotics channel on NAPPN's Slack workspace is provided for members to discuss topics of interest, but is not linked to AgRA.

Diversity and Inclusion Argelia Lorence    
Photosynthesis Zbigniew Kolber    
Software and Data for Field Phenomics David LeBauer    

The objective of the data and software interoperability group is to enable sharing of phenomics data and software within the community. This group is for anyone interested in standards for data collection and exchange, and the development of re-useable and scalable algorithms.

For more information, sign up for our mailing list or contact David LeBauer.

Indoor and Controlled Environment Phenotyping Yang Yang    

This group is meant to serve as a platform where agronomists, botanist, horticulturists, bioinformaticians, and engineers (sensors, automation, machine learning/AI) can either exchange knowledge/expertise in phenotyping technologies and expertise, and to leverage these knowledge in their research, or to contribute in establishing phenotyping systems (sensing, imaging, data/image analysis algorithms etc.) for indoor/controlled-environment phenotyping studies. This group can also be leveraged to foster the connection between the indoor/controlled-environment phenotyping community with the communities mostly involved in indoor farming or controlled-environment agriculture/horticulture (such as NECRA-101).

Slack Channels

To gain access to the Slack Group, please contact Nathan Miller.

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